Westward Ho!

Westward Ho!

"Look!" I said from our apartment in downtown Atlanta. "Your new job has a shuttle goes all over the Bay Area. Maybe we could live by the ocean!

And with that? We began to transplant a life with deep roots in the red clay of ATL to the competitive sands of Silicon Valley. 


Swapping Fried Chicken for Falafel

Maybe it was time to get serious about living healthier.


Time to get a little lost in the woods.

“And, Look! Only 20 minutes from the redwoods.”


Time to get a board.

“We could live six blocks from the water!”


Time to start anew.

And now, in this new life, we live by the sea and commute to computers.

(And yes, we have a guest room.)

NOW! Fries in California

Everything’s Smaller in Texas

Everything’s Smaller in Texas