Hey Wait Don't Bounce

Don't rush off now! Since you've gotten to know me a little, let's stay in touch!Β 


I'm most active on Instagram these days. IG Stories for everyday walks along the beach, and weekend brunches. And stills, every now and then, of beaches and brunches. (Hey, I don't want to burn my audience out.)

Like a lot of folks I've scaled back from my smartphone-social-media addictions, trying to just slow down and appreciate what's right in front of me.Β 

Knock Knock - If you’re an old friend and we haven’t connected in a while, I would love to hear from ya.
— LF


As always to HunterCross.com who helped me launch back in 2003 using Moveable Type.Β 

And today to ISgonzalez.com.

Journalism Never, Journalism Now

Journalism Never, Journalism Now