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AM I YOUR Laura Fries? 

I've owned since 2003, so I've had a few instances of mistaken identity over the years! 

I am not, for example, the Variety writer Laura Fries. (Though we did meet years ago, and she's lovely. )

You may know me from (takes big pause for keywords ....) 

Social Media Marketing, Facebook, Pinterest, Home Depot, Turner, TNT, Content Marketing, DIY Home Improvement, Georgia Tech/Georgia Institute of Technology, growBots, robotics for Organic Farmers, Lady Rogue Business Network, DIY Entrepreneurs, CoDesign, rogueApron, Underground Restaurants, Secret Supperclubs, Various European Hostels, Early Online Journalism, Web 2.0, Poynter, St. Petersburg, Florida, AAN, Washington D.C., Blogging, Creative Loafing, Atlanta, Georgia, Alt-weeklies, Alt-journalism, San Antonio Current, San Antonio, Texas, Trinity University, History, Sociology, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Arizona

If I'm not the droid you seek, try the International Association of Laura Fries