Building Lady Rogue


A. When I started my pop-up all-volunteer restaurant rogueApron, I decided to use the pseudonym Lady Rogue when signing communications to my nascent email list. 

rogueApron was HOT - this was Atlanta and we were the very first underground supperclub/secret pop-up restaurant on the scene. Our press was out of control: a quickie interview on CNN, features in the AJC, Daily Candy (RIP),, and mentions in the Washington Post and airline magazines. 

I got, um, a lot of email. Lots from volunteers who wanted to join the next event. Lots from other indie entrepreneurs. Lots of people who really should meet each other. (Maybe it's living in the South, where everyone is a natural matchmaker.)

I was already throwing too many events a month, what was another?

Hence, the launch of LRBN.


Unsucky Networking for ATL’s DIY Community





the Lady Rogue Business Network.

The Lady Rogue Business Network is Atlanta’s unsucky networking for DIY entrepreneurs. Over 500 members have joined our site via word of mouth alone.

We never put on the same events twice – meetups range from hands-on social media workshops to chips and dips social mixers. Our mission is to support, inspire, and connect Atlanta’s local entrepreneurs. Meetup locations rotate among locally owned businesses.

A healthy local economy supports us all!
— 2009 me

I owe any successes of the Lady Rogue Business Network to my uber creative board members: Elizabeth Beasley, Amy Herr, Rebecca Kern, Shari Margolin and Jen Peté. These gals were the foundation of our event strategy - an endlessly creative braintrust. 

And of course, the biggest thanks go out to our many supporters in the Atlanta community. Thank you for attending our events! 

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