Everything’s Smaller in Texas

Everything’s Smaller in Texas

Ever want to just get in the car and keep driving? 

Until there's no more America, and you've hit the border? 


Get to El Paso, Texas somehow. It's the closest large town, where you'll stock up the car for the next couple of days. Hit i-10.

It'll take you a couple of hours to get to Van Horn, Texas, and you won't think much of the place unless you stay over at El Capitan. 

Before, you thought that you were driving in the middle of nowhere. Now you know you were wrong, because it's just the blacktop and you now. 

2 hours later, you'll hit Big Bend Park. 

Somewhere nice and empty.

You might think there's no water in the desert. BUT Look for the water, and you'll find everything else. 

Follow the small trickles that have worn down even the mountains over time. They'll lead you to the Grande, and just across the Rio Grande is Mexico.

Desert Camping for 10 days

Don't bring this much.

Really, you don't have to. 

But a cooler full of food and a shade tent make those desert noons a little easier. Plus, when you're camping with a disability, it never hurts to plan ahead. 

Although there's a ton of great processed camping food available that would have made this trip EASIER, adding bacon was FUN. 

Our menu involved purchasing & freezing foods as we traveled. Yes, proud of this desert glamping menu:

  • Fresh empanadas & tamales
  • Cowboy breakfast of beans & bacon with kale and toast
  • BBQ Pizza
  • Carnitas quesadillas
  • Shakshusa in salsa verde
  • Fajitas 
  • Pancakes & bacon
  • Chorizo con papas 
The Stars At Night Are Big & Bright.
Deep in the Heart of Texas.
— Pee Wee. Obviously.

Hit the Road, Jack

Hack the map to create your own Texas roadtrip. 

Westward Ho!

Westward Ho!

Bleeding Orange

Bleeding Orange